By Servants to No One (other events)

Sat, Oct 16 2021 5:00 PM CST Sun, Oct 17 2021 2:00 AM CST

First Strike from Servants to No One.  

ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE (Richmond VA) - Two complete maniacs that literally sound like 200 club wielding merauders swarming your safe village and ripping you into the night.  New LP on Profound Lore should be available at this gig.

PAN AMERIKAN NATIVE FRONT (Chicago, IL) - Special Rare Live Performance - Kurator of War has recruited soldiers to bring about the Indiginous/Anti Colonial black metal war. Lot's of music to come out on various formidable labels. Rare live performance.  Not to be missed!

IMPURE (USA) - True Black/Death that honours the old ways without being a weak stuck in the past ass clone.  Lot's of new music to come out on various formidable labels. Fight til your death!

BERATOR (Chicago) - Blistering and focused Black/Death punishment. Amongst the ranks of the most intense and viceral live bands I have ever seen. New LP on Dark Decent. 

PIG'S BLOOD (Milwaukee) - Drunken, violent, knuckleheaded Black/Death. New line-up. New releases in the works. The true violent spirit rides once again!

JAIL (Detroit) - Long vetted Detroit soldiers have a new outfit.  Ripping Metal/Punk reeking with the crusty stench of death. DEMO soon and most likely sold out well before you can get your hands on one.  

SPLATTER PATTERN (Milwaukee/Chicago) - True Maniacs playing catchy, no bullshit, scary & violent punk rock. True anger. Pure rebellion.  

CRYPTUAL - (Milwaukee) Old heads in a new OSDM band. Pure fucking death!

TO THE DOGS - (Milwaukee) Ripping Motorcharged metal punk. This ride leads to death and you can't turn back. 

Doors at 5pm.  Noise at 6pm.  Full Bar with Kitchen.  All advance tickets are will call. ID needed to claim tickets. 21 and up.